What to do at Gold Coast?

Things to do

The Gold Coast is a major tourist destination with a sunny, subtropical climate and has become widely known for its world-class surfing beaches, high-rise dominated skyline, theme parks, nightlife, and rainforest hinterland. The city is part of the nation’s entertainment industry with television productions and a major film industry.

The attractions of the Gold Coast bring smiles to people of all ages and stages. With exhilarating rides, exotic animals and endless waterslides to help you cool off on hot summer days, your Gold Coast holiday offers a full spectrum of interactive entertainment – from dazzling big budget Gold Coast theme parks to small, hilariously kitsch museums.

Water Activities

Popular watersports include jet boating, fishing, jet skiing, parasailing, whale watching, surfing and so much more. With so many things to do, you will enjoy these popular waters sports before, during or after the ISER Congress.

Standing atop the list is surfing, with the city known for its internationally-renowned surfing festivals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can try surfing at any of the surf sites on the Gold Coast. Scuba diving is also popular on the Gold Coast. Dive in to the deep blue sea and explore the marine treasures that the area offers. Watch the colourful fish, corals, wrecks, sea plants and a number of coves lying underneath the beautiful sparkling waters. For a slower pace, visitors can choose a kayaking adventures, where you can paddle through the stunning waterways and canals to explore the scenic area.

Wildlife Parks

Come and explore the breathtaking wildlife and nature around the Gold Coast. With its lush green forests, picturesque islands and numerous wildlife, this is the number 1 destination for nature and wildlife lovers. See Australian wildlife such as crocodiles, kangaroos, platypuses, koalas and more.

See yourself hanging ten with a pod of inquisitive dolphins? What about cuddling a little piece of Australia at one of our wildlife sanctuaries.

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